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The Sprog is a 14foot (4.27m) two sail (non trapeze) hard chine dinghy. It was originally designed in South Africa in the post WWII years in marine ply. At the end of the 70's, a successful conversion to foam sandwich GRP produced many new Sprogs and resulted in the revival of the class. While there are some well maintained plywood Sprogs still being used, most of the current racing Sprogs are of the GRP variety.

General Information

Sprogs are found at many clubs throughout the country. In the Northvaal area, there are Sprogs at Pretoria Sailing Club, Benoni Sailing Club, Victoria Lake Club, Florida Yacht Club and Boskop Yacht Club.  Many owners of Sprogs also sail other boats and only sail their Sprog at larger events (Nationals, provincials, etc). This class is currently used for many team events in the Northvaal area - King of Clubs, Champion of Champions, NSA InterClub, etc.

Sprog Rules

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Sprog News

2006 National Championships - Henley Midmar Yacht Club.
Henley Midmar was once again the popular venue for the Sprog National Championships. This event was cause for celebration, it being the 60th occurrence of this class's National Championships. A fleet of 25 Sprogs participated.
On the first day, while entries were being sorted out in the morning, a strong northerly wind was blowing. However, in the afternoon when racing commenced, this died to nothing and the 1st race had to be abandoned.
The next morning, a good easterly wind blew and 3 races were completed. For race 4 in the afternoon, a thick mist descended soon after the start and rescue boats had to wizz around to inform the fleet to return to shore.
The following morning produced a strong northerly wind, with the next 3 races being completed. As before, this died in the afternoon. On the last day, there was no wind and the talk was of finishing early. However, a light easterly developed at midday, permitting one more race (the 7th) to be completed.
As in previous Sprog Nationals, the main competition was between the previous champions, Jof Heathcote and Graeme Willcox. Wins and seconds were generally traded between these two. Only in the last race was John Wright able to improve from consistent 3rd to 2nd, when Jof sailed his discard race (4th). Graeme was able to accumulate most of the 1st places to pull ahead to win overall comfortably.
The fleet was characterised by the large number of youth sailors helming, with surnames such as McNeill, Hogg, Marcia, Gibbons, de Gennaro and Dunlee recognisable from the Optimist, Dabchick and Laser classes. Hopefully, this will bode well for this class into the future. However, this is also dependent on the support of the `elders' (Sprog owners) to make boats available. An excellent performance was put in by Phil Bennett, making the most of his new DP hull and new Hyde sails to finish 4th overall!
Top 3 results: 1st Graeme Willcox & Bronwen Klaas
2nd Jof Heathcote & Maya Minkova
3rd John Wright & Steven Wagner
The Hector Kriek Family prize was awarded to the McNeill brothers (Rudy and Michael) as the highest place family team (5th overall).
The prizegiving was attended by the President of HMYC, George Duffin (former SAYRA Secretary), who awarded the trophies.
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Graeme Willcox and Bronwen Klaas with George Duffin Jof Heathcote and Maya Minkova with George Duffin
John Wright and Steven Wagner with George Duffin winners of the Sprog Family Trophy - Michael and Rudy McNeill


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