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The Sprog is a 14foot (4.27m) two sail (non trapeze) hard chine dinghy. It was originally designed by Herbert McWilliams in South Africa in the post WWII years in marine ply.
At the end of the 70's, a successful conversion to foam sandwich GRP produced many new Sprogs and resulted in the revival of the class. While there are some well maintained plywood Sprogs still being used, most of the current racing Sprogs are of the GRP variety.
Soon after it was designed (in Port Elizabeth), it became very popular nationally, with representation at most clubs and mustering large fleets at national and provincial regattas.

General Information

Sprogs are found at many clubs throughout the country, but unfortunately there are so few being actively sailed that class activities are minimal Many owners of Sprogs also sail other boats and only sail their Sprog at larger events (Nationals, provincials, etc). T

Sprog Rules

For the Sprog class rules and measurements, click here.


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